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Breaking news! Travelling makes us happy and healthy!

It’s official! Holidays make you healthy and happy!  Yes…that’s the word on the streets these days; holidays lower stress, contribute to overall happiness, help prevent illness and may even expand your life span! This is all according to the latest research conducted by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tourismusforschung and unveiled at this year’s ITB Berlin Convention. According to his findings, it doesn’t matter if it is a short trip, long trip, with family or friends – spending our time and money...Read More

New Zealand Car Rental Companies Must Now Prove Damages

Tara Ewing, a New Zealand resident, has won her case for the reimbursement of $280, charged to her by a local rental company for claimed damages to the rental vehicle. The disputes tribunal ruled that the car rental company lacked evidence of a pre-rental inspection. Apparently the person who picked up the rental testified that he had to walk down the street to get the vehicle, and no inspection with an employee took place. No itemized invoice, photos — before or after — or other documentation of the...Read More

Hi-tech car aid for older drivers

By Caroline Parkinson Health editor, BBC News website The DriveLAB mobile laboratory is tested by 82-year-old Bruce Robson A team at Newcastle University is developing new technology aimed at helping older drivers stay on the road. Many give up because their reaction times have slowed down – but this means they become more isolated and inactive. One of the Intelligent Transport team’s developments is a “Granny-Nav” which identifies the safest route, such as avoiding right ...Read More

Transfercar Steps In As Virgin Cuts Gold Coast to Townsville Flights

Virgin Australia has announced that it will be cutting direct flights between the Gold Coast and Townsville, with its main focus now being on high demand routes such as Melbourne and Sydney. The Gold Coast to Townsville service has been under review for some time and revenue loss meant the flights had to be pulled, according to GoldCoast.com.au. Virgin will now be looking at appointing two larger aircrafts that will have the capacity to carry a larger quantity of passengers from the Gold Coast to Sydney and...Read More

Check out Dethleffs new A class motorhome!

German motorhome manufacturer, Dethleffs, and motorhome designer Michael Studer, has revealed the first pictures and details of its new concept A-class motorhome – the Evan Michael said he wanted to create a motorhome that is “compact, flexible, and ideal for daily use“.  At just 5.65m long (18′ 6.7”) this A – class motorhome is all that and more; catering to 6 travellers with two luxurious double beds....Read More