Organising a Delivery – Ask a Friend, Rent a Truck or Book with Transfervans?

You just won an auction for a double mattress on Trademe. How do you get it home?  The team behind Transfercar has launched a new website to solve the problem of furniture delivery in a convenient and cost-efficient way. (Service limited to Auckland for now) Most of us are not so fortunate to own a vehicle that is suitable for transporting a bed. What to do? First, think of a friend or...Read More

Springtime Beach Escapades in Australia

Springtime is usually associated with beginnings, awakenings and other dynamic notions. So, no wonder Australia, vibrant and joyful, attracts so many people between September and November. Apart from the always popular city breaks, hiking tours and visits to outposts, the most in-demand destinations are the magnificent and renowned beaches. Despite the existence of coastline paradox, which...Read More

The Allure of Queenstown in Spring

The area where amazing mountain ranges embrace the unbelievably clear water of Lake Wakatipu, where the flavors of Chardonnay become more citrusy and where Pinot Noir vineyards roll over the hills. The self-proclaimed “home of adventure bucket list”. Welcome to Queenstown, New Zealand. Why spring? Because the days are longer, colours change and you have a wide range of offers. For example,...Read More

Stunning Landscapes for Midwest Fall Getaways

You can rarely hear people talking about the American Midwest the way they praise New York, Mount Rushmore or Grand Canyon. The main reason for such an unfair treatment of this cult American region lies in the fact that tourists, especially foreign ones, don’t know too much about it. Now that fall is coming and nature is preparing fireworks of colors, it’s the right time to start...Read More
Wave Rock

Exploring the Wonders of the Outback Wildflower Trails

The arrival of spring and balmy weather in Western Australia gives a definite green light to all adventurers and nature lovers to pack their bags and set out to explore the wildflower trails. Australia’s renowned Golden Outback region is a fantastic and fool-proof pick. The area is packed with no less than 12,000 wildflower species in all colours of the rainbow that provide a breathtaking...Read More
Cardboard Cathedral

Having a blast in and around Christchurch

If you’re planning to take a short vacation with your family or friends, Christchurch and its surroundings may just be the perfect destination. Settled on the River Avon, this is the largest city of New Zealand’s South Island and third biggest in the country. Once it was famous as the most English city out of England, but nowadays it’s known as the Earthquake City (the reason for this...Read More