What Makes Autumn the Best Season for Surfing in Australia

If you ask any seasoned Aussie surfer about what makes autumn great in the land down under, these are the things they’re bound to mention. Warm Ocean If the east coast of Australia is your destination, then you’re in luck because the water is the warmest in autumn. After the sun has baked the entire coast all summer, all the benefits are fully felt when autumn comes. Just south of Sydney, these days water is 25°C, which is actually warmer than the average temperature of air! Consistent...Read More

Enjoying the Tranquillity of South Australia’s Summer Gateways

South Australia abounds in gorgeous places ideal for enjoying the breath-taking views of nature, wildlife and warm air but still staying close to home. Here are several suggestions for short trips to some amazing places that you can include in your itinerary, so all you need is to pack your bags and your enthusiasm in the back of your free rented transfer car and hit the road! Kangaroo Island After Tasmania and Melville Island, Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island located in the...Read More

Amazing Places to Visit in Australia in December

There’s rarely an experience comparable to a summer in Australia. For all water-lovers, December is the perfect time to make the most of Australia’s weather and beautiful sights and beaches. That’s the first month of summer in most of the country with the rainy season in the tropical north part.  It’s also a very busy time of the year with school holidays, the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations, and an increase in the number of international visitors coming to enjoy in Australia’s...Read More

Having a Safe Road Trip in Australia in Times of Covid-19

As the entire world is battling the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all aspects of life have become difficult, travelling included. Most people, Australians included, are looking to their own backyards for ideas for their next holiday and a break from the struggles or real life. One area of travel that’s witnessing a surge in interest is road trips. Rarely anything can match the feeling of freedom of exploring the world on your own terms with your own vehicle, visiting places you like and whenever you like....Read More

5 Thrilling Australian Road Trips for Adventure Seekers

What is the best way to get to know a country with such a vivid relief as Australia? Flying or taking a train to major tourist sites may be the most convenient, but it is something an adventure seeker wouldn’t show any interest in. There are too many spots worth visiting along the way, making a road trip the only rewarding way of traveling.  With spring arriving fast, the weather conditions are perfect for taking long road trips across the beautiful Australian countryside. Therefore, reserve...Read More

The Most Stunning Camping Spots that Western Australia Has to Offer

Western Australia, among other things, is a real treat for the outdoor enthusiast, offering some of the most stunning camping sites on the continent. Great sunny weather, sandy beaches, nature, the clear blue sky make it every camper’s dream. As Western Australia is perfectly made to be explored by road, why not rent a free transfer car or campervan and enjoy to the fullest everything this state has to offer.  Conto Campground This campground is one of the largest camping areas in Western...Read More