5 Thrilling Australian Road Trips for Adventure Seekers

What is the best way to get to know a country with such a vivid relief as Australia? Flying or taking a train to major tourist sites may be the most convenient, but it is something an adventure seeker wouldn’t show any interest in. There are too many spots worth visiting along the way, making a road trip the only rewarding way of traveling.  With spring arriving fast, the weather conditions are perfect for taking long road trips across the beautiful Australian countryside. Therefore, reserve...Read More

The Most Stunning Camping Spots that Western Australia Has to Offer

Western Australia, among other things, is a real treat for the outdoor enthusiast, offering some of the most stunning camping sites on the continent. Great sunny weather, sandy beaches, nature, the clear blue sky make it every camper’s dream. As Western Australia is perfectly made to be explored by road, why not rent a free transfer car or campervan and enjoy to the fullest everything this state has to offer.  Conto Campground This campground is one of the largest camping areas in Western...Read More

Magical Spots for Horse Riding Adventures in Australia

Australia is an incredibly popular travel destination owing to its beaches, sea, breathtaking scenery, steep mountains, vast fields, and authentic wildlife. Blessed with such profound natural beauty, it simply begs to be explored and admired. One of the best ways to enjoy everything this continent has to offer is to go for horse riding. If you happen to be a lover of horses and an avid horse rider, then this will be a unique opportunity to revel in a wide variety of areas such as bushland, forests, desserts,...Read More

How to Enjoy Airlie Beach without Spending Much

Travellers visiting Australia usually visit beaches in the south, around Melbourne and Sydney. Indeed, these regions are full of great beaches. Still, it’s good to know there are some breath-taking places for swimming and sunbathing in the northeast of Australia. One of such places is Airlie Beach, Queensland, located some 700 miles to the north of Brisbane. It’s a secluded and tranquil refuge for regular tourists, backpackers, and road trippers. The latter ones can get a free campervan to...Read More

Australian Family Destination: There’s Something for Everyone

Whether you and your family are after large cities, pristine beaches or breathtaking natural scenery, Australia offers a plentitude of choices, so you are bound to find the vacation spot that has your family’s name on it. Here’s our pick of top family holiday destinations in the Land Down Under. Cairns The Queensland city of Cairns, often referred to as the ‘Gateway to the Barrier Reef’, is a popular tourist spot for the people who enjoy exploring natural scenery. Owing to a serious influx of...Read More

How to Make the Most out of Your Stay in Kununurra

The Kimberley region of Australia is definitely one of the prettiest this great country has to offer. Spreading across the vast stretch of northerly Western Australia, everything is super-sized, cast out into an iconic, other-worldly landscape. The unassuming town of Kununurra is a regional hub, having this rough-and-ready charm all of its own, in addition, to lending itself as a perfect base for exploring all there is to see in the eastern part of the Kimberley region, which is now even more affordable...Read More