New Zealand Car Rental Companies Must Now Prove Damages

Rental agreementsTara Ewing, a New Zealand resident, has won her case for the reimbursement of $280, charged to her by a local rental company for claimed damages to the rental vehicle.

The disputes tribunal ruled that the car rental company lacked evidence of a pre-rental inspection.

Apparently the person who picked up the rental testified that he had to walk down the street to get the vehicle, and no inspection with an employee took place. No itemized invoice, photos — before or after — or other documentation of the damage was available from the car rental company.

This is a wakeup call for both rental companies and potential customers who may find themselves in this situation if careful inspection of both vehicles and small print do not take place.

Transfercar has seen this issued once before involving one of their free rental deals. In light of this recent event, Transfercar urges all parties to be diligent with their dealings and to make sure that all the correct documentation is provided as we wish to see all of our customers and suppliers satisfied with their arrangements.

Read the full article from the New Zealand Herald

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