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Uncovering Tasmania’s Best Kept Winter Secrets

There’s this special quality to the winter in Tasmania that smooths out some if the island’s rougher edges, giving the air an extra dose of crispness that clears the thoughts and sharpens the sights. Tasmanians feel a “special something” in the air this time of the year, with diverse activities springing up all around the island, celebrating everything from apple cider to winter solstice, while the clear nights call for stargazing underneath an open sky, and there’s solid chances for the Aurora...Read More

Heading to Australia in Autumn? This Is What You Must Do!

You might have heard about the great Aussie summer. However, it is autumn that is one of the best times to visit! You don’t have worry about covering yourself head to toe in suncream  or the 35+ degree heat! Find out the best ways to experience autumn in Australia like a local. Head to The Snowy Mountains Some people won’t believe it but Australia does it an average snowfall of 3 metres. You need to head south of Sydney to the Snowy Mountain to experience it. It worth a visit in summer as well, there...Read More

Wallet-friendly ways to explore Adelaide’s Culture this Spring

Adelaide is slowly but steadily becoming one of those cities that world travellers put on their maps as a must-see place, and rightfully so, as it’s beautiful architecture, vibrant lifestyle and breathtaking natural scenery make it one of the best spring escapades you can make in the Land Down Under. And if you don’t have excessive amounts of money on you disposal – don’t worry, nobody expects you to bust the bank in order to experience the best this city has to offer. We’re going to run you...Read More

Exploring New Zealand on the Cheap: The Ultimate Backpacker’s Guide

If you are an avid backpacker looking for a genuine summer adventure, New Zealand is the perfect destination for that. The land of scenic landscape, rocky mountains and lovely beaches will leave you speechless the moment you arrive. Since it has so much to offer, you should put on a backpack and start exploring. For a truly unique experience, you need to be prepared and informed, so here’s what you need to know. Where to Start? The most breathtaking beauties of New Zealand are at the South Island, which...Read More

How to care for your car windows

We all love that new car smell and that beautiful experience of sitting in a new car and looking at the world through those wonderful windows. Everything looks pretty and vibrant. Like wearing a pair of new glasses and the world just looks clearer. But as time progresses, the world doesn’t seem so vibrant anymore. Everything looks obscure as the sun light bounces off the windows. Cars function well when they are cleaned, oiled and maintained well. Car windows need to be cleaned too. They need more than just...Read More

4 Maintenance Tips for Rideshare Drivers to Keep Costs Low and Lifespan Long

Ridesharing has become an increasingly popular option for earning a living. Whether you’re looking to generate full-time income or just a little extra on the side, you can do so through companies like Uber and Lyft. For a predetermined hourly rate, drivers can pick up riders in the area and take them to their destinations. While one could stand to make a reasonable amount of cash, many have found that the cost of car ownership can really put a hamper on their ability to earn a decent living. Unfortunately,...Read More