5 Thrilling Australian Road Trips for Adventure Seekers

What is the best way to get to know a country with such a vivid relief as Australia? Flying or taking a train to major tourist sites may be the most convenient, but it is something an adventure seeker wouldn’t show any interest in. There are too many spots worth visiting along the way, making a road trip the only rewarding way of traveling. 

With spring arriving fast, the weather conditions are perfect for taking long road trips across the beautiful Australian countryside. Therefore, reserve your free transfer car or campervan, read through the following paragraphs carefully to pick the spots you will visit this time, pack your stuff, and hit the road.

Through the midst of Australian outback – The Stuart Highway

Flinders Range

Named after John McDouall Stuart, who undergone this 3000km journey some 150 years ago, this highway will take you straight through the center of the Australian outback. This road trip begins with the Mars resembling Flinders Ranges mountainous area, where you should not miss Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park. Next comes Uluru, a sandstone rock formation deemed Australia’s spiritual heart and a popular natural attraction. It will direct you to Kings Canyon that offers one of the most spectacular sceneries in Central Australia. Your trip will end in Katherine Gorge, an ideal place for exploring wildlife by day and counting the Milky Way stars during the night.

The Southwest edge

This is just the one for all those adventure seekers out there whose idea of a perfect road trip is the one where you meet the least possible number of people and go through as few as possible urban settlements. Expanding from Adelaide to Perth, the road will take you through The Nullarbor Plain, one of the most challenging Australian continent environments.  Due to the scarcity of cities and the road’s openness, this route is also a wonderful setting for stargazers. Make sure you take night rides and enjoy the limitless number of stars and galaxies visible on cloudless nights. Finally, take this opportunity to visit the Cape Le Grand National Park and a rare opportunity to see kangaroos sunbake on the beach.

The tour of Tasmania

Wineglass bay

Being on a tight schedule does not eliminate the possibility of an adventurous road trip in Australia. A one week tour of Tasmania will allow you to experience the wonders of this beautiful island. If you have even less, three to five days are enough to see most of Tasmania’s features.  Driving through it will enable you to discover first-hand those areas not covered by the public transportation routes. And, Tasmania abounds in such untouched spots. Finally, when you feel you need to stretch your legs a bit, take a walk through the Wineglass Bay.

Brisbane to Sydney trip

The route connecting these two famous Australian cities is called the Pacific Highway. If your adventurous spirit is more on the urban side, this is the perfect road trip route for you. It practically goes parallel to an endless number of connecting beaches, among other the worldwide known Lennox Head and Byron Bay. Regardless of which one you choose to stop by, you will be welcomed by hospitable locals and breath-taking scenery. Besides, the Pacific Highway follows the migration route of humpback whales, and there is a high chance you will see them along the way.

The West Coast

Shark Bay

This is another pathway for those among you who prefer to stay away from the tourist trails. The route connecting Perth and Broome takes you through the vivid scenery of Western Australia. Its bush, the untouched wilderness, and gorges have never left anyone passing through them untouched. The abundance of national parks and empty beaches reserved just for you and your fellow companions add to the overall staggering experience while visiting the Shark Bay puts an icing to the cake of Western Australia delight. 

Australia is a heaven on earth for all adventure seekers, period. It doesn’t matter which of the proposed routes you choose. You are in for a road-tripping experience of a lifetime. Still, to get the most of it, make sure you plan your voyage carefully, particularly if you’ll spend more time in the wilderness. And, above all, do not rush things and enjoy all the moments to their full potential.  

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