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A Guide to Guaranteed Reservations: Has the Time Finally Come?

ACE walks us through the company’s guaranteed reservations initiative. Early results reveal the process is working, from both a cost savings and customer service standpoint. Read the full article at Auto Rental News By Craig Parmerlee, February 2012 in Rental Operations For free relocation cars  in New Zealand and free standby cars in Australia check out Transfercar.co.nz and...Read More

Stolen Vehicles and Getting Associates to Understand Their Responsibilities in Prevention

Learn how to get your staff to understand their responsibility in helping to prevent theft, and also get some quick tips on how to set your operations apart from local competitors. Full article at Auto Rental News For free cars and campervans that you don’t have to steal to get a free ride in check out our free relocation cars in Australia and our free relocation cars in New...Read More

Compulsory full-body scans for Aus

Passengers passing through Australian airports will have no choice but to undergo a full body scan or cancel their travel plans under new laws the Federal Parliament hopes to introduce later this week. With scanner installation expected in all international airports across the country from July this year, the Government has pushed for the approval of the proposed Aviation Security Amendment Bill 2012 that will remove the pat down option and make it mandatory for passengers selected to participate...Read More

TripAdvisor’ hand smacked over claims of 100% genuine reviews

The well known global travel website TripAdvisor has been given a shake up by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) due to claims of reviews being “Reviews you can trust”, “read reviews from real travellers” and “More than 50 million honest travel reviews and opinions from real travellers around the world”. A number of complaints have been made from website users claiming that TripAdvisor use misleading statements which claim they could be certain of the reviews however...Read More