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Texting pilot forgets to lower landing gear

150 metres off the ground, you’re ready to land but oops, no landing gear! This is the scenario that recently took place when two of Jetstar‘s pilots forgot to lower the gear and had to abort a landing in Singapore. Apparently the captain (who had over 13,000 hours flying experience) became distracted by his bleeping phone somewhere between 2500 and 2000 feet and was trying to turn it off. Jetstar’s 220-seat Airbus A320 issues began when the co-pilot switched off the autopilot to make...Read More

Transfercar Steps In As Virgin Cuts Gold Coast to Townsville Flights

Virgin Australia has announced that it will be cutting direct flights between the Gold Coast and Townsville, with its main focus now being on high demand routes such as Melbourne and Sydney. The Gold Coast to Townsville service has been under review for some time and revenue loss meant the flights had to be pulled, according to GoldCoast.com.au. Virgin will now be looking at appointing two larger aircrafts that will have the capacity to carry a larger quantity of passengers from the Gold Coast to Sydney and...Read More

Social Seating Is Not For All, But It Works For Some

Airlines have been experimenting with social seating recently, but how successful is it? The idea that you could use social media to meet people while on a flight, seems to provoke extreme reactions, people either love the idea or hate it. A number of airlines, like Lufthansa, Air France and Virgin Atlantic, have experimented with social media applications for their passengers in recent years, with some creating closed social networks for their frequent flyers, but the rapid technical development of the ...Read More

Australian airports test radiation free scanners

Good news for the health conscious and frequent travellers.  Airports in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, are running tests on scanners that emit no radiation. The BBC has reported that unlike traditional scanners which emit X-rays and “active” radiation, the T8000, developed by UK-based ThruVision Systems, uses a “passive” screening technology. ThruVision’s scanners do not “illuminate” people with X-rays, radiation or millimeter waves. Instead, they receive terahertz...Read More

Ash cloud grounds 500 flights

Up to 500 services in and out of Britain were grounded yesterday as ash from Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano threatens flight safety. Norway and Denmark are also said to have witnessed disruptions in their operations, while German officials are preparing to shut down its airspace over northern Germany today as the cloud moves east over Scandinavia, Netherlands and northern Germany, Voice of American News reported. Read the full article thanks to Travel Blackboard Check out our free cars on...Read More