What Makes Autumn the Best Season for Surfing in Australia

If you ask any seasoned Aussie surfer about what makes autumn great in the land down under, these are the things they’re bound to mention.

Warm Ocean

If the east coast of Australia is your destination, then you’re in luck because the water is the warmest in autumn. After the sun has baked the entire coast all summer, all the benefits are fully felt when autumn comes. Just south of Sydney, these days water is 25°C, which is actually warmer than the average temperature of air!

Consistent waves

It’s in autumn that surfing is pumping more than any other time of year. Summer surely offers lots of hots days, and the water is always pleasantly warm, but it will be a boring playground for a surfer if there are no waves. 

Autumn brings consistent waves almost daily, with constant water lines rolling into the beach from sunrise to sunset when the day nears its end in majestic colourful descent of the sun.

Offshore winds

As soon as you hit the waves, you’ll soon discover that the offshore wind is what it is all about!  And this is what you get plenty of in autumn. Summer onshore winds start blowing at around 10 am and typically ruin any surfers’ delight and endeavour. However, Australian autumn is known for its onset of the offshore season – light winds start blowing out to the sea throughout the day maintaining the surf and making sure every surfer has their day on the water full of fun and excitement. 

Fewer people around

In autumn, the crowds begin to thin out and there are fewer people around. For most of them, the summer is over and it’s time to hang up the board until next December. This makes it ideal for you to enjoy a more quiet and peaceful day on the beach, which is even more convenient given the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to practice social distancing for everyone’s safety. 

So now, when you got to the Gold Coast or Bondi beach, you will relish in the perfection of autumn waves and uncrowded iconic locations!

Cooler mornings and longer nights

The mornings in autumn are cool but this can be a great help when you need to wake up early feeling refreshed and ready to hit the waves. And as all seasoned surfers say – there’s no better way to start your day than on a surfboard!

You will notice that the days also get shorter but it’s still quite light and visible till about 7 pm which gives you plenty of time throughout the day to catch some great ways. And with nights being longer, you’ll be able to get a good night’s rest before you go back out there again. 

Autumns in Australia are magical, you can surf all day long in warm waters with great waves, and enjoy your time at the beach with fewer people around. Whether you’re just a beginner or an experienced surfer, this is the best time to have on the waves. Autumn makes sure they’re never scarce so you’ll get plenty of practice to improve your surfing skills. And if surfing isn’t your thing, spending time at the beach playing volleyball, making sandcastles or just enjoying a picnic with your loved ones will make a fantastic escape from city life!

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