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What does a 2 berth campervan rental look like? High tops and low tops

Many travellers in New Zealand and Australia opt for smaller campervans such as the free 2 berth campervan relocations listed on Transfercar’s website. Although  most rental companies have similar layouts for their vehicles, there can be some small variations between vehicle types. Let’s have a look at what’s generally on offer for the 2 berth high and low top camper range. The first thing to note is that campervans are not the same as motorhomes. Motorhomes have a toilet and a shower...Read More

Tips for bargain backpacking in Australia

Posted on Tuesday 07 February 2012 in Australia By Dylan Thomas Exploring the 7.6 million square miles of Australia’s outback is a daunting task for any backpacker on a tight budget. Travelling between Melbourne and Sydney, the two most populous cities in Australia, can thin an already-slimming wallet. More backpackers are resorting to hopping on the train to get to-and-from ideal destinations, and hostels remain jam-packed with people trying to save a few dollars. Read...Read More

Who are Transfercar drivers?

Did you know that we at Transfercar have a really vast array of people using our relocation vehicles? Even though English speakers are our number one relocaters, we also have a large number of German speaking travellers stopping by as do our French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese visitors. As far as age groups are concerned, we have young travellers in their 20s moving between universities and tourists of all ages as well as seasoned drivers looking for a bit of fun and with time to spare. We’ve helped film...Read More

Apollo Motorhomes launch new additions to fleet

Queensland is open for business – just ask homegrown success story Apollo Motorhome Holidays, which is expanding with the stellar launch of three styles of caravans and the very first four-berth 4WD vehicle on the market. The world’s largest privately owned recreational vehicle operator, born and bred in the sunshine state, is introducing not just one but two new exciting products to its fleet. Clock here for the full thanks to Travel Blackboard Check out some of Transfercar’s...Read More

Transfercar’s most frequently asked questions

Q: How do I register with Transfercar.co.nz & Transfercar.com.au? A: Click on the registration link on the top right hand corner of the website and fill in the details requested. An activation email will be sent to your account within a couple of minutes. If it doesn’t arrive, it may have been caught up in your spam box so check there, otherwise contact us: [email protected]. If your activation link does not work, you may already be active so try to log in using your username and password...Read More

CampAboutOZ is now on board with Transfercar

CampAboutOZ has jumped on board the Transfercar ship, now listing their great range of cars, vans, campervans, motorhomes, 4WDs and yes even motorcycles! With an amazing range of vehicles available, and locations in Perth, Broome and Darwin, CampAboutOZ is a valued addition to our growing number of partners. Call +01 8 94772121 or visit their website http://www.campaboutoz.com.au/ to check out their great deals! Great to have you with us...Read More