What does a 2 berth campervan rental look like? High tops and low tops

Many travellers in New Zealand and Australia opt for smaller campervans such as the free 2 berth campervan relocations listed on Transfercar’s website.

Although  most rental companies have similar layouts for their vehicles, there can be some small variations between vehicle types. Let’s have a look at what’s generally on offer for the 2 berth high and low top camper range.

The first thing to note is that campervans are not the same as motorhomes. Motorhomes have a toilet and a shower whereas campervans don’t. They do however both have cooking and sleeping facilities.

Another thing to note is that campervans are not suitable for children under 8 years old or who can’t sit alone in a seatbelt without the use of a booster or child seat.

The 2 berth campervans range from low top to pop top, high top, 4x4s and compacts.  Each one has a different look so the layout changes a bit. Here we look at the 2 berth high and low top ranges, leaving the other 2 berth options for another article.

2 berth campervan low top

Many companies such as Roadrunner Rentals, Mighty Campervan Hire and Hippie Campers offer a Toyota, Mazda,  Mitsubishi (or similar) low top, 2 berth campervan option.

Being a 2 berth it sits and sleeps two people however the front seat may also accommodate three people, just not always.

Nearly all campervans are 5 speed manual, petrol engines and consume approximately 11 – 14 Litres of petrol per 100km driven. They are just like driving a manual car, but  are vans and you only need a standard car licence to drive them.

Vehicle dimensions are around 5m in length and 1.4m in height so can go on ferries under the van category.

They will often have a 20 – 30 litre Jerry can for cold water supply and a 50 litre Chilly Bin or Esky to  put cold produce in. Most 2 berth campervans will also come with all bedding, cooking utensils, gas cooker, often a solar shower, cleaning equipment and a sink to wash in.

2 berth high top campervans

The 2 berth high top campervans have all the similar accessories as the low top campers but are taller and often longer in size. For example Wendekreisen’s Koru 2  berth and Kiwi Campers Toyota 2 berth are both around 5m in length and 2.5m high.

The roof is extended and fixed so the interior is more spacious than the 2 berth low top campers and there are more storage options often in compartments in the upper roof area.

These campervans often come with a fridge and hot and cold water, with some even including a portable toilet and a microwave and are again 5 speed manuals using around 11 – 14 Litres of petrol per 100km driven.

Basically all of these vehicles are easy to drive and you only need your regular car licence. Just be aware though that if you have a licence that is not New Zealand or Australian issued you may need your international licence to relocate or rent a vehicle.

For any other questions about a particular relocation deal on Transfercar’s website, please contact [email protected] and one of our team will happily assist you as best they can.

Have fun!

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