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The Future of Car Travel

”Driving a vehicle is too dangerous for humans and will be outlawed when autonomous cars are proven to be safer”, claims Elon Musk, billionaire founder of electric car company Tesla. Despite the hype about driverless vehicles,  experts say that it would take 20 to 30 years before they could co-exist with existing vehicles in cities. However it is predicted that technology will take over from drivers in simpler situations such as traffic jams and parking within the next five years. Yes, in...Read More

Campers, motorhomes, high-tops… the rental jargon explained!

Australia and New Zealand have pretty much the same kinds of campers and motorhomes as anywhere else overseas. However, depending on where you intend to travel and what you need from your relocation , it’s a good idea to know what each type of vehicle looks like and what extras they come with. Before we start, here’s a little glossary of terms or rental jargon that will help you out: Berth: for example 2 berth. The berth quantity indicates the legal number of passengers the vehicle can sleep and...Read More

How to explore Coastal Queensland in just a few days…

Coastal Queensland contains everything that attracts visitors to Australia: empty stunning beaches, archipelagos of islands and an abundance of national parks, some with fantastic walking trails. The Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system, can be explored with day trips to its off-shore islands. Boat excursions enable visitors to go diving or to simply snorkel, as snorkelling is very easy there and offers plenty to be seen, including beautiful sea turtles. You might wonder is this worth...Read More

Transfercar: the ideal travel buddy

Attention money-starved travellers! Have you heard of Transfercar yet, the successful Australasian car relocation company?! No?! Well, listen up because here are the deets. Transfercar has officially launched in the US this August to the delight of poor travellers from Texas to Cali. Transfercar provides an online service that facilitates contact between rental car companies that need to relocate their cars and YOU, the cash-strapped travellers eager to drive these free rental cars all over the place. The...Read More

Road Tripping in The Movies

Whether there’s summer or winter knocking at your door, the open road is calling you. Can you hear it?! If you’re a little deaf, here’s a list of classic road trip movies to inspire you to get into that car and give in to your wanderlust. Road Tripping with Your Girlfriend: Bonnie and Clyde, 1967 Bonnie, you a bad girl. Sure, the sexiest outlaws in history don’t get a happy ending, but they have good fun along the way and they look great doing it. We don’t recommend any crime sprees on your romantic...Read More

How to Pack for a Road Trip – Pack it Up, Pack it in

You’ve got your mates, maps and a sweet rental, but if you don’t pack right for your road trip, it could end up costing you. Here are some packing tips from some of our experts. Make a List You’re not an elephant, which means you’re going to forget things, important things that will ruin your life, well, maybe just your trip. So, get all Martha Stewart on your bad self and make a list of everything you’re going to need like sunglasses and sunscreen to extra undies. By planning in advance, you won’t...Read More