How to care for your car windows

We all love that new car smell and that beautiful experience of sitting in a new car and looking at the world through those wonderful windows.

Everything looks pretty and vibrant. Like wearing a pair of new glasses and the world just looks clearer. But as time progresses, the world doesn’t seem so vibrant anymore.

Everything looks obscure as the sun light bounces off the windows. Cars function well when they are cleaned, oiled and maintained well. Car windows need to be cleaned too.

They need more than just cleaning, they require other requirements that help keep the windows in good condition.

To help your car windows last longer and have the same quality and effect it did when you first bought it you must follow some basic requirements.

Wash them regularly

There is more than just dirt sticking to your car windows especially the rear window. Water residue and even bird droppings get stuck on your glass and can obstruct your view of the world outside.

You can still get that view back. All you’ve got to do is clean your windows with a high quality cleaner. You will need to clean them both inside and out and this helps restore your windows clarity, removes all the dirt out of the way and helps it last longer.

New wiper blades

Wipers wear out over time and can cause minimal damage to the windows. The metal edges can cause scratches on the windscreen that will be irreparable.

You need to replace the wipers as soon as you begin to notice that they are wearing out or they develop a tear in the rubber of the wipers.

You first begin to notice this when there are streaks on your windscreen or a little of the rubber comes loose.

Safe distance

One of the first principles we learn when we start driving is to keep a safe distance between the car ahead of us as well as the one behind us.

The cars in front of us can spin gravel onto your windscreen and rear window that can chip or crack it.

They can even chip the paint of your car. There are instances when there is a crack or chip in the windscreen that can cause a glare that will bounce off the windscreen and can be dangerous to you as well as those on the road. The only way is to replace the windscreen altogether.

Repair them right away

The best thing to do for any damage is to repair it right away. The chips caused by differing stones of different sizes can impact your window in a bad way, causing your car windows to chip or crack.

The smallest of craters formed can create air to flow in and spread the crack on to a bigger surface. And so if this is left unrepaired, it can be dangerous as well as pricey to fix later on. Repairing a chip is better than an entire windscreen or window.

Avoid sunlight

Whenever possible,   avoid parking in direct sunlight. Temperatures can be a major contributing factor for the shattering of the windscreen and/or rear windows.

The chips and cracks can spread and can cause more damage to the car. Parking in the shade is the best option available that can help prevent damage.

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Darren Pay and Justin Oakes head A1Windscreens, and are known to offer services for car windscreen replacement and repair. Their years of expertise coupled with the latest technology makes them one of the best professional services for car window replacement and tinting windows in Melbourne.

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