Tough time for rental car companies as Christchurch earthquake takes its toll

Rental car companies are feeling the aftershocks of the Christchurch earthquake in branches nationwide. Entire schedules were disrupted as vehicles went missing due to drivers being unable to drop vehicles off at central city depots.

A number of prominent rental agencies have only just been able to access trapped and damaged stock; relocating vehicles to depots outside of the central city. Issues arose as vehicles that would normally be returned with a full tank of gas came back empty as petrol stations were closed and inaccessible.

A representative from one company mentioned that such a simple thing as cleaning the campervans was impossible as power and water shortages covered most of the city leaving vehicles unable to be groomed for the next occupant. Phone lines and internet access are down leaving companies unable to operate and functioning on mobiles.

Transfercar now has a large number of relocation cars and campervans that need to be driven to Auckland. Yesterday 20 vehicles were listed that including a free tank of gas, 5000kms, 5 free days, free ferry crossing and free insurance. This is something not often seen in this quantity and reflects the utter desperation of companies needing to move their vehicles out of the city quickly.

Our thoughts go out to all the residents and business owners in Christchurch. We hope our relocation service can be of assistance to anyone needing to get out of the city and will be on hand to take any calls and help out any way we can.

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