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Parking Overnight in a Campervan

I just received a question regarding parking overnight on the side of the road in a campervan. I did my research and have found the answers I was looking for: Locals don’t like people camping on the streets in their towns (And you really don’t want to be making trouble with the locals!). Many towns have local by laws prohibiting overnight camping, and you’ll be woken at 4-5am and told to move on. If there are no signs indicating you are allowed to park on the side of the road, you should not assume...Read More

New Zealand number 2 on CNN’s list of top destinations in 2011

It’s not that surprising that New Zealand made it to number 2 on the CNN list of places to be in 2011. Apparently the team at CNN had a chat with three travel experts (Robert Reid, U.S. travel editor for Lonely Planet; Pauline Frommer, creator of Pauline Frommer’s guidebooks; and Martin Rapp, senior vice president of leisure sales at Altour) who, between them have decided that New Zealand is one of the top places to be in 2011 (second only to the big apple). This may well be due to the 2011 Rugby...Read More

Driving Routes

New Zealand is a great country for driving. Traffic is generally light, roads are well-maintained and the passing scenery makes every kilometer worthwhile. To make it easy to plan your motoring holiday, we’ve cataloged nearly every possible driving route in the country. You can plan your route based on how long you’ll be travelling and where you want to go. Within each route you’ll see a detailed description of each leg of the journey, along with scenic highlights, local activities and ...Read More

New Zealand driving tips

If you’re planning on driving a  relocation car or campervan in New Zealand for the first time, these tips will assist you in understanding the rules and regulations of safe driving practices and help you have a safe and enjoyable vacation. Not sure if you are allowed to drive? Check out our article Driving in New Zealand What’s the speed limit? Speed limits are normally clearly posted by the road side. New Zealand is blessed with gorgeous little winding roads as well as open stretches that go...Read More

What you need to know about New Zealand visa requirements

If your are intending to travel to New Zealand (and of course drive one of Transfercar’s fantastic free relocation vehicles), or in fact anywhere, the first thing you need to know is what the visa requirements are for that country. To enter New Zealand you must have a passport valid for 3 months after the date of your intended departure. You must also be carrying an onward/return ticket to a country you have permission to enter. British Citizens and passport holders are entitled to enter New Zealand...Read More

Tourism NZ tells Aussies “what’s ours is yours”

“What’s ours is yours” is the latest advertising campaign currently running across the ditch in a bid to entice Australian holiday makers. It is a joint campaign between Tourism New Zealand and Pacific Blue will see Australians offered discounted airfares and travel packages through television and print advertising. Read the full story: TV3...Read More