Parking Overnight in a Campervan

I just received a question regarding parking overnight on the side of the road in a campervan. I did my research nz-campervan-no-camping-219x300and have found the answers I was looking for:

  • Locals don’t like people camping on the streets in their towns (And you really don’t want to be making trouble with the locals!).
  • Many towns have local by laws prohibiting overnight camping, and you’ll be woken at 4-5am and told to move on.
  • If there are no signs indicating you are allowed to park on the side of the road, you should not assume that it is acceptable to stop and park.
  • Most towns have motor parks, and camping grounds where you can park, and there are many opportunities for “Freedom Camping” outside of towns and built up areas.
  • Alongside rivers and lakes (except within a town boundary) or in designated camping areas within National Parks, you are welcome to camp to your heart’s content.

Just please make sure you have toilet facilities (no dumping in the bushes if you can help it) with you and also take all your rubbish when you leave!!

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