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7 websites that could change the way you travel

True, there are tons of travel websites out there, and sometimes it seems like it’s only worth our time checking the giants in that space: TripAdvisor,, Airbnb, Kayak… who isn’t addicted to those already? The good news is that among the thousands of travel websites and apps, there are a handful of interesting ones that are still worth our time. They can actually help you travel smarter. Here are some of our favourite new ideas. 1. Oyster This has to be one of our favourites. Oyster...Read More

The world’s most luxurious supervans!

You don’t like being on the water, but you want to live that superyacht lifestyle? Get a luxurious supervan! Our favourite supervan has to be the amazing eleMMent Palazzo mobile home. This visual feast of extravaganza and luxury is actually of German craftsmanship, so made to last! The Palazzo features two floors of entertainment with a giant master suite, multiple bars and a liftable “flybridge” lounge up top.  You can even extend a slide-out, increasing interior space by 80% when not...Read More

Travel and Leisure: Bet You Can’t Guess the World’s 5 Best Cities!

Out of the 248,720 cities in the world, there are five that have made the Best Cities in the World list on  If I could do math, I’d be able to tell you what percentage that makes, but I can’t, so just start packing your bags because, well #YOLO. 1st Kyoto, Japan: Did you know that Kyoto was the official capital of Japan from 794 until 1868?  Now it’s Japan’s seventh largest city with 1.4 million people and a modern makeover. Luckily for Kyoto, it has a very rich, dramatic...Read More

Opera in Da House: Why the Sydney Opera House is Better than You

So, I hear you think you’re pretty great, huh? Being the best you can be. Do you think you’re anywhere near as awesome as Sydney Opera House? I’m here to show you how you’re not in 10 points. Buckle up. 10. At Sydney Opera House, 1,600 performances happen every year. And it’s not just operas, but ballets, plays, pop music, symphonies, comedy, contemporary dance, and musical theatre. (You go to Karaoke twice a year.) 9. Sydney Opera House supports the Vivid Sydney festival. This festival transforms...Read More

Survey Winner Gives $500 Prize to Charity

Our 2013 Transfercar survey also put respondents into the draw to with a $500 Amazon gift card, and we hit the winner jackpot. John Haurua – winner from New Zealand We called up John to inform him of his prize and his reply was incredibly heartwarming. John will be donating his prize to the less fortunate this Christmas including charities like the Auckland City Mission. We also asked John a bit more about his travel...Read More