Fuel consumption of relocation cars and campervans

Often we are asked about the fuel consumption of many of our relocation cars and campervans listed on Transfercar.

So I did a little bit of research and put together a quick guide on the average fuel use of commonly listed vehicles. This is not exact data but is an estimate only and will vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle and how you drive it (I’ll write about this soon!).

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On average a 2 – 6 berth campervan will use around 1 litre of gas for every 8 – 10 kms driven.


These vehicles use approximately 7.5 litres per 100km.


Such as the Toyota Corolla will also use around 7.5 litres per 100km but may also use up to 8.1 litres per 100k .

Station Wagons:

Use around 8.0 litres per 100km.

Premium Full Size vehicles:

Such as the Toyota Camry 2400cc will use around 9.8 litres per 100km.

4WD Wagons:

Like the Subaru Legacy 2000cc automatic can use up to 9.6 litres per 100km.

8 Seater MPVs:

Like the Toyota Previa will use around 9.5 litres per 100km.

Please Note: The information available from the NZ transport agency is intended to provide general information to the public and all reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the quality and accuracy of that information.

Conversion formula table

Kms per litre to litres per 100 kms | divide 100 by kms per litre

Kms per litre to miles per gallon | multiply kms per litre by 2.825

Litres per 100km to miles per gallon | divide 282.5 by litres per 100km

Miles per gallon to litres per 100kms | divide 282.5 by miles per gallon

Litres per 100km to kms per litre | divide 100 by litres per 100 kms

Miles per gallon to kms per litre | multiply miles per gallon by 0.354

Kms to miles | multiply km by .62137

Miles to kms | multiply miles by 1.6093

Gallons to litres | multiply gallons by 4.546

Litres to gallons | multiply litres by .21997

Safe and happy driving!

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