What are rental car relocations?

My name is Brian and I am one of the founders of Transfercar. I have written this article series to help people who are thinking of relocating a car, camper van or motorhome for the first time via Transfercar.

What are rental car relocations?

To relocate is to drive a rental car or rental campervan from one branch to another within a short time frame. Because the rental car companies can’t find enough paying customers to drive their cars and campers in the opposite direction of the tourists, they need alternative ways to move them. Traditionally the rental car companies have mainly been using truck and train transport, but after the launch of Transfercar it has become more popular amongst to use ordinary travellers to drive the vehicles.

Relocations are very seasonal in New Zealand and the rental car companies often need to relocate their fleet from south to north before and during the summer season to match the flow of tourists moving the other direction. During winter the situation is opposite with rental car companies relocating cars and camper vans south to meet demand from ski and snowboard enthusiasts.

I have been relocating cars via the Transfercar website several times myself. I wanted to test the service that we at Transfercar are offering our customers but I also find it to be a fantastic way to travel and see the country with a limited budget.

In August 2009 my partner and I relocated a 3-berth, diesel motorhome from Christchurch to Auckland Airport. The motorhome was fully equipped with shower, toilet, kitchen facilities, beddings and covers, towels and a TV with DVD-player. I was given 5 days to relocate the camper van and it included free ferry and free standard insurance.

The next part in the series explains how to find and book a relocation car or relocation camper, and the last article is about the experience from picking up the relocation camper Christchurch, the trip back and dropping the camper off in Auckland.

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