Magical Spots for Horse Riding Adventures in Australia

Australia is an incredibly popular travel destination owing to its beaches, sea, breathtaking scenery, steep mountains, vast fields, and authentic wildlife. Blessed with such profound natural beauty, it simply begs to be explored and admired. One of the best ways to enjoy everything this continent has to offer is to go for horse riding. If you happen to be a lover of horses and an avid horse rider, then this will be a unique opportunity to revel in a wide variety of areas such as bushland, forests, desserts, and beaches and explore them in much greater detail. 

While you can find horse riding activities all over the mainland, there are simply some of the hotspots you mustn’t miss on your visit to Australia. Since these magical places are scattered around the continent, and in order not to miss any of these amazing locations, rent a transfer car and start exploring. 


Queensland is home to some of the most beautiful beaches found on the continent. With coloured sand and surrounded by several national parks, these beaches attract tourists and locals all year round. One of such beaches is Rainbow Beach with Great Sandy National Park located nearby. This is the perfect horse riding trail since you can pass through rainforests, beaches, swamps, creeks, lakes and the famous Australian mangrove forests. If you are lucky enough, you might get to see some of the rare bird species which this sanctuary tries to conserve. 

The Sunshine Coast has several popular beaches aligning next to each other. Noosa Beach is the most attractive one. Apart from serving as the paradisiacal seaside escape, this beach also provides a great trail leading through bushlands, nearby mountains, and palm trees. In case you get tired, you can always take a break and have a swim or go surfing in the clear blue sea. 

For those who prefer riding through the landscapes filled with rugged mountains and steep cliffs in the background, then head off to Mapleton National Park, Tambourine Mountain, and the Numinbah Valley. Tambourine Mountain and the Numinbah Valley are a part of the Golden Coast hinterland because of many tourist attractions such as waterfalls, national parks, creeks, and immensely rich flora and fauna. These areas are also suitable for horse riding and hiking because of the trails which wind through rainforests and past waterfalls and plunge pools. 


Hobart’s Seven Mile Beach offers a unique riding experience as you can admire the pristine coastline and at the same time encounter some of the best representatives of local wildlife. Who knows, maybe you stumble upon a Tasmanian devil

Aside from beaches, there are a couple of trails that lead through the Tasmanian bush, lakes, and mountains. For example, the Tasmanian Trail is the longest multi-purpose trail on the island. This trail will take you to local small towns, but as you go farther, you can expect steep terrain and sudden weather changes. Another great trail is the Cradle Country which takes you through a variety of Tasmanian landscapes, from agricultural fields, Cradle Mountain to Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area. 

Western Australia

This area of the continent is well-known for its camping hotspots but why not combine it with horseback riding? Horse riding and camping will last a bit longer than just following a trail but the experience is truly authentic. 

During the day, you can explore the terrain and experience the diverse landscapes of Western Australia such as deep gorges surrounded by rocky cliffs, plunge pools, and the outback. Make sure you have a well-trained horse because the area can be too demanding at times. 

Some of the popular walk trails are by Moore and Margaret River. The trail along the Moore River will allow you to explore Guilderton and reach the coastal trails. Margaret River has a couple of walking, hiking and riding trails which are really worth your time and effort such as Carter Road Trail Head, Wadandi Track and Quenda Trail. 

When you feel tired and in need of a break, you can taste some of the most exquisite local wines in the wineries nearby, or simply go fishing. As the night starts to fall, you can put up your tent and enjoy the unpolluted blue sky and stargaze. 

Australia provides a one-of-a-kind horse riding adventure enabling you to experience the most astonishing examples of diverse landscapes. If you want to explore some of these remarkable riding trails with ease and at your convenience, you can now even rent a free transfer car or campervan. Just how good does that sound?

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