Sunset Therapy in Australia: Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss

Australia is a country full of magnificent sunsets, whether they’re beaming down upon the enormous Red Centre or drenching the beaches in colourful rays. Witnessing them in all their glory is made much easier if you get yourselves a free transfer car for the trip, as it will help you navigate to exciting, off-the-radar destinations, as well as to more popular, iconic locations.

From skyscrapers, coastlines and forests, to beaches, deserts and mountaintops, here are the best spots for enjoying the healing power of sunset all over the Australia.


Western Australia


Found in the northeast of the region and overlooking the Indian Ocean, Broome gives you the opportunity to drive your 4-wheel-drive right to the seafront to enjoy aperitifs and drinks whilst taking in the warm breeze and even warmer hues of the setting sun. Remember to always drink responsibly when driving, especially if riding camel-back on Cable Beach, the best way to experience the amazing sunsets.


Recommended for surfing, swimming, and dolphin lovers, the city is just a 2-hour drive south of Perth and is a great option for budget holidays. The ‘city of three waters’ allows for a golden sunset silhouetting the Bunbury tower (also known as ‘the milk carton’).


Northern Territory


When you arrive, head over to the markets at Mindil Beach to put together an amazing meal, most of which is sourced from exotic flavours from not too distant neighbours: Indonesia and The Philippines. Then you can pick your spot on the west facing beach and gaze out to sea on any night of the week for the most incredible sunset.

Alice Springs

Less than 2 hours west from the epicenter of The Outback lies Glen Helen Gorge, an area with spectacular views which is also great for hiking, camping, and swimming. You won’t necessarily see the full sunset from this exact point, but the sunlight will illuminate and reflect off the magnificent rocks at sunrise and sunset, making for a truly unique picture.


South Australia


For something inland, try this mountainous conservation park. Rock formations resembling the wild-west, and the deep red sands reminiscent of mars, during sunset, will transport you to another world.


Right on the coastal periphery lies West Beach which has great access from your city accommodation and has equipment for the kids to keep them entertained, and offers other great facilities nearby.


2.5-hours east of the big city you’ll discover Lake Bonney Riverland. This has to be one of the most serene and calming places around. Take a camera, or even an easel to paint this wondrous area.



Port Douglas

You can take sunset tours from Port Douglas venturing out to the open sea to explore the Great Barrier Reef, or you could even take a trip into a rainforest.


The third largest port in the area offers a variety of activities, as a stroll along The Strand and a trip to Magnetic Island, where Koalas and sublime sunsets are guaranteed.


New South Wales

Byron Bay

2-hours south of Brisbane you’ll find any fun, free, family-friendly activities including balloon workshops, whale watching, and sunset drumming, adding a spiritual vibe to the already magical mood.

Brunswick Heads

This nearby, quiet location is also worth a visit as lots of serene beauty lies all around. The town also has a few interesting, little stores to check out.


One of the greatest icons in Australia is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s definitely one of the best sunset locations on the continent and is a great vantage point to view The Sydney Opera House. If you want to capture both emblems in-frame, then head over to Farm Cove for your opportunity.




Take a leisurely walk from Port Melbourne Beach to St Kilda where you will find its iconic pier silhouetted against a gilded sky. You will enjoy fantastic views of the Melbourne cityscape and may even spot some fairy penguins.

Wilsons Promontory

This lush, dense national park is a true paradise that can only be enhanced at sunset and gives an atmosphere of a secluded island while being just a 3-hour drive south of Melbourne.



Hobart Harbour

An array of yachts, historical and modern buildings, rolling hills, towering mountains, and puffy clouds, create a spectacular layered scene for an immense sunset. Hobart can be found on the south coast of the island.

Mount Wellington

Taking a vantage point here, up above the clouds, will give you a feeling of awe and exhilaration, and will provide a sunset to take your breath away.

Whether you have all the time in the world or are just stopping by, it’s well worthwhile to pause and appreciate the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Take advantage of a free one-way car rental to keep costs low and your spirit of adventure high.III

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