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Winter Escapade in and around Hawke’s Bay

If you’ve heard tales of the magical scenery that awaits you in and around Hawke’s Bay during the summer, wait until you’ve experienced its beauty during the winter months. Now is the perfect time to steal a peace of heaven just for you and experience the magnificent winter escapade in and around Hawke’s Bay, from wine tastings and tours in Napier to staring down into the edge of the world from Portland Island. A wine connoisseur’s safe haven Firstly, I would recommend situating yourself in the most...Read More

Victoria: Roads Less Travelled

One day a few years back, I was visiting a friend up in Canberra. He told me he was going to take me out on a whole-day adventure. I assumed we were going to explore the town, eat out, you know, the regular stuff. Next thing I knew, we were miles away from the city, headed God knows where. Long story short, it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. The outback bewildered me and the small towns made me fall in love with their charm. I decided I was going to discover all the beautiful gems that...Read More

Heading the Savannah Way

The spectacular drive between Darwin and Broome, also known as the Savannah Way, imposes itself as one of the best outback road trip adventures in Down Under. From crocs sunbathing in gorges and palm trees sprouting from red cliffs, to canoeing down the Ord River and endless bird-watching opportunities, this route will offer a plentitude of memorable moments. Darwin to Katherine The journey starts with a half-day drive along the Stuart Highway from Darwin to the outback gem of Katherine. You’ll get a...Read More

7 Ways to Experience Sydney Like a Local

The city of bridges, most awe-inspiring skyline and a melting pot of tourist activities. Ask any Sydney-sider and he will proudly say he lives in the most beautiful city in the entire world. Splashed by the great Pacific Ocean on the right and fenced with a massive Blue Mountains range on the left, this place truly has it all, and is as such on everyone’s bucket list. While this is something you could read in any other tourist guide, we’re here to take you on a walkabout and show you some of the more and...Read More

7 Secrets for Planning a Truly Amazing Picnic

There are few people who don’t like picnics, especially when the weather is nice. Not many things are better than enjoying nature in company of those you love, with fine and carefully prepared food and drinks. Unlike those from the past, present-day picnics don’t feature furniture, silver cutlery and servants running around in an attempt to please their masters. Everything is less formal, but that doesn’t mean that it’s less enjoyable. Even if you don’t have much time to organise every single detail,...Read More

New Zealand’s Secret Havens for Dreamy Summer Getaways

This time of year is perfect for exploring the scenic landscapes of New Zealand, the land of majestic mountains and sandy beaches. Whether you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime, or you just want to unwind on a secluded beach, New Zealand certainly won’t leave you disappointed. Here are some truly amazing off-the-beaten track destinations to help you in your summer quest. Earnslaw Burn Although this alpine region is among the most popular destinations in New Zealand, you can still get off the beaten...Read More