Tips on Renting a free motorhome with Transfercar

Motorhome in the parkThere’s nothing better than travelling in a Motorhome. It’s like taking your house with you while you explore new horizons. Rain or shine, hot or cold, motorhomes allow travellers the freedom of safe and comfortable travelling no matter where you decide to go (well nearly).

In New Zealand and Australia you have a smorgasbord of Motorhome Rentals to choose from. Some larger than others, some easier to drive and then all the variant possibilities in between.

They are quite different than campervans, in as much as motorhomes are self contained (have a shower and toilet) as well as a kitchen, often a fridge, hot and cold water and large sleeping berths. As easy as they are to drive, you still need to know a few good tips before embarking on your exciting journey.

Here’s a few things worth knowing about motorhome rentals I have found from some global experts:

Know how big you need the vehicle to be

Start with your budget. Motorhomes in peak season can range from $100 per night to $350 for the deluxe 6 berth ranges. Once you have this sorted, you then search for a vehicle with the berth number (sleeping quantity) that suits. Keep in mind size for driving and internal comfort, fuel consumption, accessories and costs for staying in camping grounds.

Book in advance7 Berth Motorhome

Most quality rental companies are booked out in peak season. Even our free to drive motorhomes on Transfercar get snapped up quickly so as the old saying goes “First in, first served”.

Book your Campgrounds in advance

As with renting a motorhome, camping grounds and parks fill up fast so plan your journey and book in at least some main points along the way. You can always freedom camp along the way (but be careful as this is not always possible), but having some booked in destination to refill on water and empty the tanks is a good idea.

Get to know the Vehicle’s Features

When you pick up your vehicle, you will be taken on a tour of the features available. Many companies also offer a DVD to watch which will show you all the ins and outs of changing/refilling water tanks, gas cooking and all the other bits you will need to know. Don’t skip this part!!!

Read the fine print and know your insurance options

Although tedious, always read the documentation given to you to sign. Yes…every word. This also means being clear on your insurance options, what cover is provided and what is in place for roadside assistance. For example, many rental companies will not cover you for night driving or unsealed roads. In Australia, you won’t be covered if you hit a Kangaroo! Yes really!

2007 BritzNZ Frontier CutAwayCheck that you have an even weight distribution and your load is secure

Check that all your cupboards are closed, everything is put away in its place and is secure. This is not only a safety precaution for passengers, but will make driving the vehicle easier and safer, especially in windy conditions.

Take it for a test drive

Testing the vehicle will allow you get a feel for parking, reversing, taking corners and making sure all the gadgets work properly.

What’s included

Make sure you know what is included in the hire such as bedding, cookware and any other extras. The question to ask is “what do I need to hire/supply on top of the rental?”

How will you get around when you park up

Another important thing to consider is whether, once you reach your final destination, you want an alternate source of transport. Motorhomes can take a long time to set up and aren’t very useful for short trips. This means you may have to find another way of getting around. Check to see if the vehicle will hold bicycles or research the local transport options available.

Quick tips

Electrical systems for lights and air-conditioning generally use 110 volts at holiday park plug ins, but function on batteries or a generator otherwise.

The refrigerator and hot water tank run on gas or electricity.

The “black” water of the toilet holding tank is flushed first, before the “grey” water of the sinks and shower tank.

Hope this helps! Stay safe on the roads and have fun from the guys that give you the best free rental deals in New Zealand and Australia!

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