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I was trawling the web looking for articles I thought our Transfercar drivers would be interested in and found this little beauty. Not only does it contain invaluable advise about travelling in the outback of Australia,  it’s a really good read! SURVIVING AUSTRALIA’S OUTBACK About three o’clock in the morning something woke me, and I lay listening. A strange rumbling came from somewhere out in the night. “Are you awake?” Cristi whispered softly. I...Read More

What’s the right Australian visa for me?

If you’re planning on travelling to Australia this summer, and taking our free transfercars and campervans for a drive, one of the first things you need to sort out is your visa. There are so many different types, so it’s important you find the right one for you.  The best, and safest way of gaining the correct information is visiting the Australian Department of Government and Immigration‘s website. It’s accurate and easy to use, so be smart and make use of it and have a great and...Read More

Driving in Australia

Thinking of driving one of our Transfercars in Australia? Well, fine. If you’re a visitor and hold a valid driver’s licence (in English) from your own country, fine, you’re allowed to drive throughout all of Australia. (But an international driver’s licence, if you have one, does not by itself give you the right to drive in Australia.) If your driver’s licence is not in English, a translation may be necessary and you may also need to have an international driver’s licence. Read the...Read More

Annoying animals across the globe

This is an interesting article from Stuff.co.nz and one I would love to hear more about from Transfercar’s readers and drivers.  Post your comments here or on Facebook and tell us what your craziest/scariest or just weirdest animal experience was while travelling! “Aw, isn’t it cute?” That, right there, is the officially accepted response to any animal contact the world over. Animals are cute. They’re there to be photographed, adored, and occasionally fed. But you know what?...Read More

Tourism NZ tells Aussies “what’s ours is yours”

“What’s ours is yours” is the latest advertising campaign currently running across the ditch in a bid to entice Australian holiday makers. It is a joint campaign between Tourism New Zealand and Pacific Blue will see Australians offered discounted airfares and travel packages through television and print advertising. Read the full story: TV3...Read More

NZ Herald OE photo competition

New Zealand Herald has got this brilliant ‘Kiwi OE photo’ competition, some brilliantly beautiful photos added from Kiwis all over the world everyday. Have a look at it here Was thinking what alternative ‘OE stands for’ I could come up with Overweight Englishman, Outsourcing Economy, Outlandish Exposure, Overturned Elephant, Organised Embossing, All great competitions I reckon! =) [ps – OE = Overseas...Read More