The Hunter Valley: The Ideal Trip for Wine, Vodka & Chocolate Lovers

Haven’t visited the Hunter Valley yet? Then you’re missing out. This little gem is one of the best destinations in New South Wales and beyond. Escape the rat race in Sydney and take the 2 hour drive to a whole new world. This paradise is a foodie heaven, with a huge array of decadent chocolates, vodkas and wines produced in this region. Hunter Valley is the ideal trip for any food enthusiast!

 Over 150 wineries

You can take your pick of over 150 fabulous wineries in acres of rolling green vineyards. Whether you’re looking for a full-bodied, rich red wine or a light and sparkling chardonnay, you’ll find more than one wine to suit your taste here! Elect a dedicated driver and take a trip to a handful of wineries to compare the produce!

 Award winning restaurants

 Once you’ve had your liquid lunch, refuel with something more substantial. Hunter Valley is home to many award winning restaurants. You don’t have to stay stuck in the city to enjoy quality foods, you’ll likely find some of Australia’s very best meals located right here.

 Food and drink festivals

The Hunter Valley know the quality of their produce, that’s why they celebrate it. Head to The Hunter Valley to experience one of the regional food and drink festivals. Here you’ll be able to sample all of the finest goods in one sitting – perfect for those of you with a limited time frame!

 Chocolate and cheese

Dairy goods are immensely popular in Hunter Valley, and you can spend an entire day visiting various chocolate factories and cheese shops. You’ll find dairy products ranging from rich and bitter dark chocolate to smooth, creamy white chocolate or mature, crumbly cheeses to melt-in-your-mouth soft cheeses. No matter your preference, you can be confident in a quality, tasty product made from locally produced ingredients.

 Vodka and spirits

 If wine and cheese isn’t to your taste, The Hunter Valley can still be the perfect weekend trip for you. They specialise in strong vodkas and spirits for those of you with a sharper palate. You can try your vodkas straight up, with a twist, on the rocks, or if you’re feeling more exotic, why not try a flavoured vodka? There are a huge array of vodkas and gins infused with botanicals and fruit to diversify the range.

Other experiences in the Hunter Valley

 We’re sure by now we’ve tickled your tastebuds and you’re dying to dive right into some of Hunter Valley’s local delicacies. But, there’s even more to The Hunter Valley than the food and wine. The Hunter Valley is also one of the most beautiful places in all of Australia. There are beautiful green fields for as far as the eye can see, friendly kangaroos in the wild among amazing lake and hill views. Escape the city and detox from your busy life here.

 Include the Hunter Valley on your next Sydney based tour for wine, vodka and chocolate, or take a special weekend getaway to explore the best of what the region has to offer.

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