Bondi Beach: Not Just Babes in Bikinis and Boardies

If you’re planning a trip to Australia, there’s no better place to start than at Bondi Beach, the most popular beach in Sydney, New South Wales. Located just 7 km east of Sydney’s CBD, Bondi Beach is a golden sand beach so iconic to the Aussies that it was added to the Australian National Heritage list in 2008. The scenery is absolutely fabulous and I’m not just talking about all the fit people in bathers! Lara Bingle I’m looking at you, girl! One of the best views isthe Great Wide Blue: the Pacific Ocean rolls in in sets of great foaming waves and the water’s always fine at a sweet 21°C! So what are you waiting for! Grab your togs, bathers, bikinis or whatever and get here now!

Finding Nemo

When you hit the beach of Bondi you’ve got to be a strong swimmer. There are a lot of feisty rips out here, just gagging to drag your butt out to sea. If you’re not a confident swimmer, stick close to the shore and make sure you swim between the flags.

Hey Shark Bait!

There’s a lot to do at Bondi once you’ve tired of the people-watching and lying around all day! If you’re travelling with young children, the saltwater sea baths at the bookends of the beach are perfect for young families. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush there are two surf clubs that offer lessons. You’ll be carving up those sandbars in no time with a little instruction! Or you’ll be shark bait! Nah, there are shark nets in place to avoid your chances of being a shark-snack.

Diary of a Wimpy Traveller

Once you’ve had enough of the water, grabs your wheels and head to the skate ramp at the southern end. And if worse comes to worse and you’re feeling a little intimidated by the masses of hard bodies present, take your bad self to the outdoor gym and pump some iron. No one’s judging you, sugar!

Snack Attack!

If you’re looking for a bite to eat then look no further than the Bondi Pavilion that has a fantastic gelato shop. At the northern end there’s a grassy knoll with coin-operated barbecues. Bring your choice cuts but be aware that booze is a no-go at the beach. Save that for when you hit the Sydney bars later on!

Hit the Road…

Now that you’ve had a wee taste of all that Bondi has to offer, you just need to find a ride! If you want to avoid the masses of public commuters you might want to think about driving. At Transfercar we can get you and your mates to the beach for free with our free rental cars. If you haven’t registered, what the bloody hell are you waiting for, mate?!

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