Getting the relocation you want with Transfercar

Transfercar is all about getting you a cheap car to take you from A to B in a relaxing and worry free way. In this post we’re reinforcing that mission by telling you exactly how to find and get the car relocation booking you want.

Our insider tips show you  the best way to use Transfercar.  There’s a bit more to it because the relocations listed are  by rental car companies, not us personally. But we’re here to make sure those companies live up to their promise and respond to your requests.

How do I find and book the right relocation for me?

Choose your destination – you don’t need to know where you want to go when using Transfercar. Some of our drivers even choose relocations at random and “go where the wind takes them” so to speak. However, if you’re leaving from a specific location you can search that way too.

Knowing where you’re leaving from is just as importing than knowing where you’re going. You can even set up an alert to be notified  when a new relocation shows up in your area.

What car you’d like – if you’re not fussed then you can skip this step, but some drivers are more comfortable in a sedan than lumbering around in a camper van. You can also take a chance with Transfercar to try out a car if you’re thinking of buying it in the future. There’s no better way to learn whether or not you love a car than by travelling with it! If you’re not sure which cars you have to choose from, do a general search on Transfercar and you’ll be able to see all the car types down the left hand side of the page.

Decide how many days you’d like to travel for – many relocations listed with us only offer use for the number of days necessary to travel from A to B (wherever that might be). However, sometimes a listing pops up with additional days, and some relocations allow you to buy extra days for a small fee.

Search it! – now you know everything you need to find your desired relocation with us. Keep an eye on your chosen route to make sure you have the best chance of getting the relocation you want.


What improves my chances of getting a relocation?

Follow up with Transfercar support – if you haven’t heard back about your relocation request and need an urgent response. It can take some rental companies a while to get to you but we can chase them up for you! Contact us  [email protected] for a rapid response and see if we can help.

Keep applying and build rapport – relocations are requested all the time so you have to be chosen out of many other drivers. You may not always be chosen but don’t let this get you down. Just keep applying and getting in touch with both rental car companies and us to try and secure a relocation. Once you finally get your relocation, try and develop a relationship with that rental car company. Become known for being a reliable and delightful relocation driver and you could be picked for future relocations more easily. |

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