Survey shows that Australians look for travel bargains over locations

It’s not surprising that Australian travellers look for good deals before deciding on the location they want to travel to. When you live in a country as beautiful as OZ, who cares where you go as long as it’s cheap!

A study, conducted by Internet travel company Travelzoo found that 56 per cent of Australian travellers book their holidays based purely on the best available travel deals, and not on locations.

71 percent of those surveyed also claimed that they look for package deals rather than one off bargains as you can get more for your money and travel further afield. Also, out of the 1,786 Travelzoo subscribers surveyed, 55% stated that they would happily book a vacation solely based on the fact that it was too good to miss.

This being the case, it would seem perfectly reasonable for all Australian travellers to check out Transfercar’s relocation cars and campervans, and base their travel destinations on what vehicles are available and where they are going!

Like I said…it’s Australia…who cares where you end up, it’s all pretty spectacular anyway!

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