Holidaying tragedies, Oprah and Me.

OK one of my many ‘privileges’ of working from home is watching Oprah during lunch most afternoon =)

Just last week saw this very unfortunate and interesting episode of an unfortunate incident on a cruise liner, which made me want to share some very important tips

In the case of any ‘unfortunate incident’ overseas, along with the thing u would normally do make sure you also
1. contact the local embassy of your country, this MUST be done along with contacting the local police
2. if its something very tragic it could be most practical to return home, for investigation purposes rather than continuing with your holiday.

Its really sad these things happen, I just hope and pray stuff like this stays in the news – I’d hate to consider something like this happen to me or anyone for that matter, especially on a holiday.

You can read more about the story here.

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