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We were told in advance that we would receive either a Subaru Outback or a Ford Escape AWD. We received a Subaru, which was our preference; we considered ourselves very lucky not to have received the Ford. The only improvement I can think of would be to guarantee an Outback in that category, for drivers who specifically wanted one. It was a fantastic car for our needs, as we knew it would be.
By Jeffrey Cook, 16 Oct 2018
By Matt MacGregor, 15 Oct 2018
By Bernice Reddy, 15 Oct 2018
By Liv Brook, 15 Oct 2018
By robert eldred, 15 Oct 2018
Absolutely brilliant concept!
By Egon Muller, 15 Oct 2018
By Nick Tompkins, 15 Oct 2018
By Kyle Foley, 15 Oct 2018
By Junjian Wang, 14 Oct 2018
By Joseph Dunning, 14 Oct 2018
By simone berra, 14 Oct 2018
Actually I pressed ten - I have recommended you to people in Aus and in the UK
By Marilyn Leask, 14 Oct 2018
By Jason Renau, 14 Oct 2018
Very nice cheers
By Shenglun Zhen, 14 Oct 2018
By Belinda Murray, 14 Oct 2018
By Alan Harper Pardo, 14 Oct 2018
By Alex Petit, 14 Oct 2018
By Marcus Neubert, 14 Oct 2018
By Vincent Boisseau, 14 Oct 2018
By ross macdonald, 15 Oct 2018
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