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By Angelica Magally D., 25 Jul 2017
By hamsolo, 25 Jul 2017
By teroti, 25 Jul 2017
All good, easy to use.
By Michael D., 25 Jul 2017
By Jenny J., 25 Jul 2017
By Tony T., 25 Jul 2017
By bazzas2, 24 Jul 2017
Smooth communications. Easy to pick up and updates on weather via text was helpful. Drop off was harder to find as TOmTom was not updated but we got there eventually. all in all excellent
By Kim E., 24 Jul 2017
Great to use
By Brittani H., 24 Jul 2017
By hamsolo, 24 Jul 2017
By Grant A., 24 Jul 2017
By Laureen W., 24 Jul 2017
By Lois S., 24 Jul 2017
Good car and all usual rental car services. Can not complain about any of that. Only unpleasant surprise was the need to pay insurance, which was almost equivalent of renting a cheap car. I believe that relocation should be done at the expense of the company requiring the service, without these charges being passed on to the person who is willing to provide the service. Will think twice before using this provider again.
By TrackersNZ, 24 Jul 2017
This trip good! On previous planned booking- came across a glitch in system.... I had booked a Camper Rental AKLD-Qtown! U will have details. When I arrived at AKLD airport t pk up t camper- I found I had missed a step in t process! My fault- I had not confirmed w t rental car company! They had phd, all I saw was on my Missed Call "Unknown Number". My ph did not tell me thr was a msg left- so I didn't get msg till too late (sitting in AKLD airport Camper rentals terminus) - My fault! So my problem began...I am sitting in t AKLD airport Camper terminal, using my ph to t www.transfercar.co.nz . I was unable to book t "same date of transfer" as t booking I had missed! Even tho t company, not recieving my confirmation rented t Camper out to someone else :-). So I couldn't use Ur website to book a car, for that day or until t Camper tentative arrangement date had lapsed. T first problem! I did not have a Camper out. I went on foot to t Rental car companies individually. I was running out of Charge on my Ph...w no charger packed. My own problem :-) So I went to Ph...& found out U are a www company, not answer t ph! The second problem. Ok. So I m running low on Ph Charge...& I need t go to my Hotmail account to send an email....time wasting & b4 even reserving a car to relocate. Yours sincerely Daniel Judd
By Daniel J., 23 Jul 2017
By Zhou Y., 23 Jul 2017
By Katie W., 22 Jul 2017
Relevant information to help choose between options provided. This makes selection process quick and easy
By Victor R., 22 Jul 2017
Excellent service and system
By George Ritchie, 22 Jul 2017
very good !!!
By Joaqo F., 21 Jul 2017
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