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By Brett Walker, 18 Aug 2018
No. We had a fantastic experience, thank you.
By David Weighell, 18 Aug 2018
By Simon Sparrow, 18 Aug 2018
By Heidi Demoulins, 17 Aug 2018
By louisa dix, 17 Aug 2018
It was very limiting not to be insured if driving after 5pm, despite paying extra insurance charges.. this means that extra money needs to be paid at camping grounds. (I naiively tried parking/camping in the van at a free comfort stop but got terrorised by hoons which was terrifying). Also when I checked the van back in afterwards there was a problem with the billing - a whole lot of extras had been added onto the bill that weren't relevant. Kindly the operator removed them but it caused momentary unnecessary anxiety. Also, the pick up and drop off points would probably be better at the airports. Luckily my car storage company agreed to drive me to the pick up point near Melbourne airport and the drop off point just happened to be near where I was staying in Adelaide but otherwise it would have been inconvenient. Apart from those things it was a good experience.
By Tabitha Kellett, 16 Aug 2018
you are ok, i just don't score high on any service, cheers.
By Lawrence McIntosh, 14 Aug 2018
Ideally more available dates to extend the trip if possible. If the rental company is proactive to register the relocation, they should be able to offer extended time.
By Ben Harris, 14 Aug 2018
By Sandra Klimowski, 13 Aug 2018
The address details of the pick up point for Broome was not correct. Also I was not able to read the full contract details as my vehicle was changed. I therefore missed out on a fuel reimbursement that I was not aware of that was included in the transfer.
By Teena Twaddle, 12 Aug 2018
By Alannah Little, 13 Aug 2018
By Michael Renshaw, 13 Aug 2018
Everything generally very good
By Gerald Keim, 11 Aug 2018
No. It’s just perfect the way it is
By Michael Conze, 10 Aug 2018
By Will wang, 9 Aug 2018
By Megan Okonsky, 8 Aug 2018
I would like to know that the drop off time is outside the company's opening hours. I would have dropped off earlier if I had known that. I wanted to be present when they checked the car over.
By Fiona Ohara, 7 Aug 2018
By Annika Thorup, 7 Aug 2018
By Aron Hardy, 7 Aug 2018
By Luke Wyatt, 6 Aug 2018
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