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Availability and number of destinations.
By Oleg Ilchyshyn, 19 Dec 2018
It was a very smooth experience from picking up to dropping off and our trip was amazing....only one thing I can suggest is a quick training on how to use the cruise control on the vehicle I was in but other than that 👍
By Atama Tuinona, 19 Dec 2018
I am very impressed and have told so many people about it. I would love to work for you.
By Roslyn Ivas, 19 Dec 2018
By Anthony Russo, 19 Dec 2018
No improvements required. Was a very easy process to choose the car & pick up & drop off were also seamless.
By Claire Bartlett, 19 Dec 2018
By Lance Donohue, 19 Dec 2018
By Aroha Maria Kohe-Love, 19 Dec 2018
By Alan Lambert, 19 Dec 2018
Free insurance also, they charge me $44 for that. Thank you
By Jan-Berick Banas, 19 Dec 2018
By Eseta Fuli, 19 Dec 2018
I think the terms and conditions on your website is very limited and unclear. Example, once a request is approved, it is considered a cancellation when I retract/pull out from my request. Example, the information on your website said no bond or insurance. It essentially implied that I wouldn't have to pay anything other than the $1 admin fee. But when the rental car operator emailed me, he said I have to put in $200 bond. Luckily, this wasn't too much. Had it been a $2000 bond, I wouldn't be so happy. And at this point, had I retracted my request, I would have had to pay a cancellation. In other words, I'm a lawyer and I deal with corporate/commercial matters day in, day out. I would prefer the terms of the arrangement to be clear from the onset before any agreement is to take place. Summary - transfercar was recommended to me and I still think it is an awesome business model. However, I feel there is a high chance of 'hidden fees' that may screw people over.
By Ioane Tuupo, 19 Dec 2018
Nothing to improve, the service was excellent
By John buckingham, 19 Dec 2018
Worked fine with me
By John Foes-Lamb, 19 Dec 2018
Love it!
By Aaron Lister, 19 Dec 2018
By David Ginty, 19 Dec 2018
By Lindy Schneider, 18 Dec 2018
By Alexander Flensburg, 18 Dec 2018
By Sergio Gordo, 18 Dec 2018
By Joseph Carr, 18 Dec 2018
That is about my top score
By Charles Rolph, 18 Dec 2018
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