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I’ve already recommended you to several people. I thought it was a great service. Thanks
By Sam Harwood, 22 Feb 2019
By Kurt Bailey, 22 Feb 2019
By Bradley Kingery, 22 Feb 2019
By Jakub Cibor, 22 Feb 2019
By SATHISH GUDI, 22 Feb 2019
By Benjamin McCall-Myers, 22 Feb 2019
By james morgan, 22 Feb 2019
By Susan Stanford, 22 Feb 2019
Nothing I can think of. The delivery from ChCh Airport to Picton was smooth, trouble-free, a pleasurable drive!
By John Martin Miles Rogers, 22 Feb 2019
Ferry reimbursement is still pending
By Michael Tozer, 22 Feb 2019
No, everything was great! Thank you
By Vanessa Gray, 22 Feb 2019
No, very happy with the service. Thank you
By Andy Murray, 22 Feb 2019
By James Slayford, 22 Feb 2019
No it was a very good service
By Lesley Brookland, 22 Feb 2019
Loved using this service - will use again!
By Claire Murphy, 22 Feb 2019
By Maria Paula Garcia, 22 Feb 2019
By Thomas Reese, 22 Feb 2019
Not adjust the booking so that it is due back at 0800 on the day of drop off
By Chris McCabe, 22 Feb 2019
When i went to collect an Apex car from Auckland airport I had to ring them to get a shuttle. The shuttle number would be a good addition to the Apex confirmation Email and reason for its inclusion.
By Ben Hermens, 22 Feb 2019
By Rowena Cook, 22 Feb 2019
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