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Tucked away on the far North Queensland coast, the beautiful city of Cairns is nestled between the spectacular Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea and the lush rolling downs of the Atherton Tableland to the west. This is one of those rare places where you can experience top international bands one day and kick back in total isolation on a tropical island the next.

There’s a little bit of something for everyone in Cairns, from adrenaline-charged adventures like diving, white water rafting and bungy jumping to more laidback pursuits like bird watching, hiking, gourmet restaurants or just sitting under a palm tree sipping a cocktail.

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Cairns to Sydney Airport

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Campervan Compact
Dates 22 Mar - 10 May
cars left 2 left - Requested by 2 people

Cairns to Sydney

Dafaacb04adad979ba04557ca3ae0e2d2ab946c6 Free 9 days
Campervan Compact
Dates 24 Mar - 9 Apr
cars left 3 left

Cairns to Sydney Airport

7818ccc07e7d26877766d5747ff02c0e78b8c78e Free 7 days
Campervan Compact
Dates 22 Mar - 10 May
cars left 7 left - Requested by 1 person

Cairns to Sydney

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Dates 28 Mar - 5 Apr
cars left 1 left

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