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Brisbane, named after the river on which it sits is the capital and most populous city in the Australian state of Queensland.

Situated on the south-east of Queensland, and surrounded by Moreton Bay and Islands, the Scenic Rim and Country Valleys. It is a place where you can experience world-class exhibitions at Australia’s largest Gallery of Modern Art, lose yourself in the vibrant urban villages filled with live music, funky cafes and an eclectic array of some of the finest restaurants on offer.

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Brisbane to Melbourne

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Campervan Compact
Dates 23 Jan - 26 Jan
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Brisbane to Melbourne Airport

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Dates 18 Jan - 25 Jan
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Brisbane to Melbourne Airport

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Dates 19 Jan - 23 Jan
cars left 2 left

Brisbane to Melbourne Airport

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Dates 19 Jan - 23 Jan
cars left 2 left

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