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About the journey

The 1800 mile journey from Cairns to Melbourne takes around thirty three hours of driving time to complete, and takes travellers across the length of Australia, offering scenic inland and coastal views along the way. Travellers will have the opportunity to drive through the breath-taking Australian Alps, the tallest mountain range in the country, and visit the Minnamurra Falls of Budderoo National Park. The town of Berry is a popular stop off point, and hosts rustic country markets and a popular bakery famous for its sourdough, while the nearby Kangaroo Valley offers a range of galleries and arts and crafts shops. The route also gives travellers the chance to explore Canberra, the capital city of Australia.

Relocations from Cairns to Melbourne

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Dates 18 Mar - 3 Apr
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Cairns to Melbourne

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Dates 1 Apr - 12 Apr
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Dates 30 Mar - 8 Apr
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Cairns Airport to Melbourne

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Dates 27 Mar - 4 Apr
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Transfercar's relocations are free to drive rental cars and campervans that need to be moved between specific locations and are available between set dates. Often vehicles will come with free petrol, insurance and extras such as ferry crossings with many offering additional days that can be purchased at a discounted rate. If you are interested in relocating a free car or campervan, check out our video on how to book a vehicle and go ahead and request one today!

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