Cricket World Cup 2015 Rental Cars

Facts about the Cricket World Cup 2015

This year is the 11th ICC Cricket World Cup! The world renowned event will be hosted by both Australia and New Zealand between 14 February and 29 March 2015.  Every four years the Cricket World Cup takes place and is the pinnacle event of the sport.  In 2015, it is predicted that over 1 million fans will attend matches, with more than a billion people expected to watch the matches on screen. Australia will host 26 games in seven cities: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney. We can expect Aussie’s to be supporting their national team with pride and enthusiasm.

The ICC Cricket World Cup follows a set format. The teams are divided into two pools of seven teams, and initially play in a round-robin format. The top four teams from each pool will then continue to the winners goes on stage of the tournament, which will comprise of quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final. India were the winners of the 2011 Cup, they hosted the tournament as well as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The tournament opens in Christchurch with a nail biting match between the Black Caps against tournament outsiders Sri Lanka. Later that same day, Australians get their our own at home match in what is sure to be an intense game with Australia v England. The action is sure to warm up on February 28 when the Australians visit Auckland for what looms as one of the fiercest contests in the entirety of the cup.

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Travelling During the Cricket World Cup 2015

As the number of cricket enthusiasts increases throughout Australia, so will the number of cars on the road. Car rental companies will also have a lot of people booking them out, so there won’t be very many. Furthermore, from December to February, Australia enjoys plenty of heat in the summer (perfect for a Cricket World Cup). The hot summer months are when Australia enjoys peak visitor numbers as well as all the cricket fans, so all highways will be jam packed.  Luckily, this also means that Transfercar will have a lot of free rental cars available between numerous locations Australia-wide, due to rental car companies needing to relocate their car fleets after all the one way car drivers.

Transfercar’s advice to all people, locals or tourists, planning a trip at any point in the duration of the world cup, would be to make your bookings for flights and accommodation as soon as you can, and to check out the website frequently to find your free relocation car or campervan. We will have many amazing deals on the site that we bring to you through our affiliation with major car rental agencies. Just search any route from our home page and see what's available.

What to Do During the Cricket World Cup ? 

You are in luck. Australia is amazing, and no matter where you go, you will be blown away by the beauty of the landscapes, the cosmopolitan feel of the cities and the wondrous flora and fauna you can see. If you are a Cricket fan, it is a perfect opportunity for you to explore one of the World's greatest countries, and drive from one host city to the next.

Adelaide is perfectly positioned between the warm sea and stunning hills. The city is fast developing into a foodie’s dream city. Explore the flourishing small-bar scene and the renowned wineries found in the nearby valleys of Barossa and Clare.  For those who have wined and dined and are looking for something to do while they digest, you can stroll through beautiful, spacious parks, busty markets and museums and galleries. Plus you can discover amazing eco-adventures such as swimming with dolphins!

Brisbane is a modern, lively city that combines the wonderful worlds of art and outdoor adventure! Spend the day abseiling the adrenaline filled Kangaroo Point cliffs. Take a look around the South Bank, where the museums, galleries and cultural hotspots join with beautiful bankside gardens and fantastic restaurants,. Take a paddle steamer down the Brisbane River, or head along the highways to spend the day at one of the many theme parks in the area.

Canberra is the capital city of Australia, and so has many national treasures to behold! Check out the shore around Lake Burley Griffin to find national museums, restaurants, and the heart of the cities culture and to see the National Carillon.

Hobart is in the top ten places to visit (according to Lonely Planet). Located amongst the foothills of Mt Wellington, Hobart combines heritage and colonial allure with all the modern trimmings a city could want, and happens to be in an area of truly  exceptional beauty.

Fashionable, modern, upbeat and arty Melbourne is a city that has certainly earned its title of Australia’s cultural capital. The magnificent architecture stems from its days in the Gold Rush whilst band venues, street art and other cultural delights certainly reflect the modern day.

Chill out and relax in Perth! Make sure to take your togs, you don’t want to miss out on pristine beaches and stunning climate. After you're done swimming and sunbathing, make sure you check out the phenomenal bars and restaurants for some fabulous food.

Sydney is one of the world’s top cities, and for a good reason! The sunny, warm weather means everything is available, from surfing, swimming, and sunbathing to sightseeing, fine dining and opera! The welcoming vibe of the city means you will love every moment of this ideal summer destination.

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