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What Makes Autumn the Best Season for Surfing in Australia

If you ask any seasoned Aussie surfer about what makes autumn great in the land down under, these are the things they’re bound to mention. Warm Ocean If the east coast of Australia is your destination, then you’re in luck because the water is the warmest in autumn. After the sun has baked the entire coast all summer, all the benefits are fully felt when autumn comes. Just south of Sydney, these days water is 25°C, which is actually warmer than the average temperature of air! Consistent...Read More

Enjoying the Tranquillity of South Australia’s Summer Gateways

South Australia abounds in gorgeous places ideal for enjoying the breath-taking views of nature, wildlife and warm air but still staying close to home. Here are several suggestions for short trips to some amazing places that you can include in your itinerary, so all you need is to pack your bags and your enthusiasm in the back of your free rented transfer car and hit the road! Kangaroo Island After Tasmania and Melville Island, Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island located in the...Read More

5 Thrilling Australian Road Trips for Adventure Seekers

What is the best way to get to know a country with such a vivid relief as Australia? Flying or taking a train to major tourist sites may be the most convenient, but it is something an adventure seeker wouldn’t show any interest in. There are too many spots worth visiting along the way, making a road trip the only rewarding way of traveling.  With spring arriving fast, the weather conditions are perfect for taking long road trips across the beautiful Australian countryside. Therefore, reserve...Read More

Sunset Therapy in Australia: Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss

Australia is a country full of magnificent sunsets, whether they’re beaming down upon the enormous Red Centre or drenching the beaches in colourful rays. Witnessing them in all their glory is made much easier if you get yourselves a free transfer car for the trip, as it will help you navigate to exciting, off-the-radar destinations, as well as to more popular, iconic locations. From skyscrapers, coastlines and forests, to beaches, deserts and mountaintops, here are the best spots for enjoying the...Read More

Best Spots in Australia to Feast Your Eyes on Autumn Colours

You don’t have to travel all the way across the globe to Europe or the US to see the deep reds and shining golden yellows of the changing season. Autumn is just as beautiful right here, so step outside of the city, long enough to refresh your spirit, and take in the vibrant surroundings with the ones that will appreciate it the most. Here are a few of the best places you can cleverly reach on a budget with a free car or campervan. Let’s explore these amazing landscapes! High Country –...Read More

Exploring Australia’s Legendary Filming Locations

Australia has been the backdrop for a number of internationally popular films, owing to its modern cities, as well as unique, varied and often dramatic landscapes. Below, you’ll discover why the Australian landscapes are perfect for filming action, comedy, drama and even children’s movies. Before you search out these iconic locations, make sure you find a free car to arrive in style. Crocodile Dundee This 80’s comedy classic is about as Australian as a film could possibly be, although it was...Read More