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Budget Travel: How to Get the Best Deals

There’s nothing better in life than planning a well-deserved vacation and booking your own holiday online. Whether you’re trying to find a last-minute ticket to the nearest tropical island or you’re looking for cheap accommodation when you get there, it can be hard knowing where to purchase flights and make bookings. The internet is like an ever expanding universe when it comes to finding great travel deals. But how do you find the right sights with the best deals? That’s where we come in! Our...Read More

Budget Travel: Travel Agents Vs. Do-it-Yourself

Look, I’ve got to be honest: before writing this blog I didn’t even know people still used travel agents. Is that still a thing? With the birth of the almighty Internet and the way it has turned every go-getting tourist into their own travel agents, it’s really surprising that travel agents are still making the monies! But they are! Who knew?! They did! Read on to see which method suits your travel needs. Travel Agents: Who Are They? So, before there were sites like Kayak ( here you can find the best...Read More

Hidden Treasures of the Gold Coast

Australia’s Gold Coast is an insanely fun place to visit. It’s the number one travel destination in Australia and it’s clear why. The Gold Coast is an endless playground of entertainment, adventure and sometimes debauchery, where there is literally something to suit everyone. From big clubs to iconic golden beaches, the Gold Coast is an excellent place to get away from the dreariness of everyday life. How many cities in the world can boast multiple worlds in one city? Is anybody up for Sea World, Movie...Read More

Travel and Leisure: Bet You Can’t Guess the World’s 5 Best Cities!

Out of the 248,720 cities in the world, there are five that have made the Best Cities in the World list on  If I could do math, I’d be able to tell you what percentage that makes, but I can’t, so just start packing your bags because, well #YOLO. 1st Kyoto, Japan: Did you know that Kyoto was the official capital of Japan from 794 until 1868?  Now it’s Japan’s seventh largest city with 1.4 million people and a modern makeover. Luckily for Kyoto, it has a very rich, dramatic...Read More

Northland New Zealand Roadtrip

My finger traces the map, following Northlands Twin Coast Discovery route in New Zealand. It’s been fun planning this trip to the ‘far north’ and now, behind the wheel of my rental, I’m off – first stop the coastal village of Tutukaka. Checking into the elegant hotel I’m soon relaxing on my room’s balcony which overlooks the marina.  Tomorrow I’ll be off on one of those boats to explore the waters around the Poor Knights Island, a 25-year old marine reserve that has warm currents from the...Read More

Cruzing in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is known for its delectable moderate climate, the natural beauty of its pristine coastline, gargantuan redwood forests, and alternative community lifestyles. If you happen to pass by this city with your Transfercar free rental, be sure to stop in and take advantage of all it has to offer! Beach it like a Whale With 29 miles of sun heavy coastline, Santa Cruz offers some of California’s best beaches. These white sanded beauties offer up the perfect waves for surfing or the softest spot for beach...Read More