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Top 10 Most Terrifying Australian Animals

With its incredible landscapes and terrain that changes from stunning rainforests to rugged desert plains, the Land of Oz is incomparable if you’re looking for a life-changing adventure. It’s absolutely one of the best places to visit in 2015. There’s a hitch though, and it’s a biggie. Basically, most of Australia is heaving with dangerous animals who would love a piece of you. We’ve compiled our list of the ten scariest looking animals to keep an eye out for on your travels. You’ve been...Read More

The Best things to do in Ballarat

Come and see the wonderful city of Ballarat. Home to miners, wizards and the famous Dr. Blake! When people think of holidaying in Australia, they often think of the bigger cities or the outback. Ballarat is a smaller city that packs a punch and is definitely worth a trip to visit. There is so much to do in this city, you can explore the history of the gold rush, wander through gorgeous gardens, spend the day in a Medieval wonderland and see the arty side of the city. Ballarat has a rich history of gold and...Read More

Backpacking tips for the student traveller!

At last! There is a decent break between study long enough to do some travelling! What better way to see the world this holiday season than to pack a bag and head off to backpack around some astounding places? To have a good backpacking trip, it is vital that a few key things are decided before you go. So here are some great tips on how to backpack when you are a student. You are about to get your backpack and heft it onto your shoulder, and then stride out the door to become as free as a bird! There is just...Read More

Best Vacation Spots

At this time of year, with the glorious holiday season happening soon, it is time to start planning the perfect getaway; whether you are wanting a ravishing romantic weekend, or a trip away with your mates,  or a fun family foray out into the world.  Sometimes, there are so many options it is hard to know where to go. Luckily for all, Transfercar has you covered and we have found some amazing spots for you to travel to! First up on the list of awesomeness is Krabi, Thailand. This is the perfect romantic...Read More

The Perfect Getaway in Byron Bay

Located on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia’s most easterly point, Byron Bay is quite the destination!  Numerous beaches, untouched surroundings, and the ultimate in relaxed lifestyle, Byron Bay is a popular tourist destination. With average summer temperatures of 21C – 28C, and average winter temperatures of 15C – 21C, locals and visitors are able to take advantage of the various outdoor activities and party the night away at the many festivals throughout the year! Life’s a...Read More

Rocking Out in Rotorua

Hey…what’s that smell?! It’s the sweet smelling sulphur of Rotorua.  If you’re travelling around the North Island of New Zealand, you’ve got to stop in what the locals refer to as ROTOVEGAS. Locals are silly! It’s not a casino town! This is a spa town, so get ready to get down and dirty in the mud. Mud is your Bud Rotorua’s geothermal water and mineral-enriched muds are absolute must-do’s. These rejuvenating therapies spring from Rotorua’s thermal activity and you won’t see...Read More