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Fancy a camel ride in Australia?

About to take a vacation in Australia? Riding camels on the bucket list?  Then you’re in luck! The world famous Cable Beach in Broome, Kimberley, Western Australia, is a natural paradise offering sun, surf and yes camels! Broome Camel Safaris offer some great tours starting from a 40 minute ride to a 1 hour sunset tour along the pristine coastline. Led by the renowned “Camel Lady” Alison bird, who has been trecking alone in the Australian Outback with her beloved camels for over 7 years, riders get a...Read More

Breaking news! Travelling makes us happy and healthy!

It’s official! Holidays make you healthy and happy!  Yes…that’s the word on the streets these days; holidays lower stress, contribute to overall happiness, help prevent illness and may even expand your life span! This is all according to the latest research conducted by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tourismusforschung and unveiled at this year’s ITB Berlin Convention. According to his findings, it doesn’t matter if it is a short trip, long trip, with family or friends – spending our time and money on...Read More

Wwoofing around the world

The concept of working for your food and accommodation while travelling is not a new one and many a budget conscious traveller has walked this well-worn path. Wwoofing however is a little more specialised. Originally an acronym for “Working Weekends on Organic Farms”, the definition changed over the years to “Willing Workers On Organic Farms” as the need for assistance over longer periods arose. Due to the word “work” however causing some problems, the name finally settled to being...Read More

Londoners get a taste of Air New Zealand’s “Cuddle Class”

Londoners were invited to test the new Economy Skycouch, first launched on Air New Zealand’s daily B777-300 Auckland – Los Angeles – London service in 2011. Set up in the back of a stylish, black and clear sided truck, the Skycouch road show allowed Londoners to experience first-hand what the award-winning seating looked and felt like. The Skycouch, affectionately known as “Cuddle Class”, is a specially designed row of three seats that creates a flat, flexible space providing a generous...Read More

How to make a great travel journal

If you are a traveller like me and plan to continue traipsing around the world in your free rentals, then you are likely to have loads of little reminders of your journeys. Little things such as tickets to shows, a bus pass or an entry to visit some iconic artifact or concert line your travel bags, draws or hand bag well after the journey is complete. Even though you have photos galore to back the stories, these little items are tangible reminders of epic life journeys that will eventually get lost, torn or...Read More

Fun things to do when camping in the rain

As winter creeps up on us, the sun shines a little less and the rain falls a little more. This is fine if you are snuggled up in a nice warm house, but what if you’re camping or in a campervan or motorhome? Not always so much fun, especially with children on board. It’s not all that bad though, especially if you have a few winter ideas up your sleeve and some extra coins in your pocket from the savings of travelling in a free...Read More