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8 Iconic Australia Snacks

If you’re in Australia you need to do as the Aussie do! Well at least eat like us, because we have an array of snacks you will have never seen or heard of! Once you give them a try you will wonder why they aren’t all around the world! Fairy Bread This a must have at all birthday parties under 10 (maybe even 21) in Australia! To create this culinary magic, spread some butter on bread (white bread works best!) and sprinkle some 100s and 1000s on top. Viola, your first go at fairy bread. Not...Read More

The FolkWorld Fairbridge Festival

For 21 years, the FolkWorld Fairbridge Festival has been a uniquely family-friendly draw for folks looking for a weekend of live music, camping, and independent crafts. This year’s festival, held from April 26-28, will feature artists working across a variety strains of world music against a quintessentially scenic Western Australian backdrop of wide open spaces and mature bushland. An increasingly popular event, Fairbridge administrators received over 500 applications for acts and musicians from a variety...Read More

Moving To Melbourne? Consider a Trip First

When tourists think of Australia, they tend to focus on the urban delights of Sydney and its famous opera house or the wild spaces of the Outback or the Great Barrier Reef. However, there are plenty of other interesting and trendy Antipodean locations which are worth a visit, including the regional cities. The state of Victoria is home to Melbourne, the country’s second most populous metropolitan area and the ‘garden city’ of Australia on the southern coast, so why not investigate flights to Melbourne,...Read More

Australia’s backpacker industry ‘in crisis’

AUSTRALIA’S backpacker tourism industry is facing the biggest crisis in its history, with many tour operators struggling to survive following big falls in young travellers. The number of people staying in hostels has fallen by nearly seven per cent over the past two years, down from 593,000 per year in March 2010. By Marina Thomas | News Limited Network Read more For great relocation deals, check out...Read More

AAA picks 10 best new vehicle technologies, thinks green

Green Auto Blog….. It’s no secret that automobiles get more technologically advanced every passing year. A good deal of these vehicular innovations have a lot to do with saving gas, reducing emissions, and, more recently, teaching the driver to pilot the vehicle in a more efficient manner. If you feel like you need help in choosing which bits of techno-geekery are the best, AAA has just created a list specifically for you. Included in AAA’s top 10 tech picks are solar roof panels and...Read More

Travel like a local: How social holiday booking websites could save AND make you money

By Tara Evans | This is Money Want to save big on your holidays, or perhaps you are just fed up with the same old boring break ideas? A new breed of social travel websites could be for you. They give you the chance to benefit from a local’s in-the-know tips and nab some great deals, such as a New York apartment for £65 a night Tara Evans finds out how social travel could save you money on a holiday and how you could turn a profit from renting out your own room. Read more Reposted by Transfercar: New...Read More